Better Solution For Your Clinic, Patients & Business

Manage & monitor your clinics from anywhere without cloud dependence

CxSYS is a cutting edge all in one clinic management system that caters for the efficient management of Malaysian clinics.

Built by practicing doctors that also manage a network of clinics, CxSYS has a workflow that will seem natural to any doctor. Streamline administration, increase revenue and cut costs while employing the simplicity of a powerful system

Cloud ready, optional

CxSYS can be setup in the cloud if required. However as doctors we know the hassle when internet connectivity goes down even for minutes. So we have made CxSYS fully functional even without internet connectivity.

Don't fancy cloud hosting? Don't want to expose your clinic data?

Enterprise grade cloud services are expensive, and cheaper ones lack security. Hackers are constantly targetting cloud servers for the wealth of the data, to gain notoriety or to defeat security systems. With the popularity of big data concept, what can be more attractive for outsiders than the very personal medical data?

No worries, CxSYS can still be setup and made accessible over the internet without storing valuable clinic data on cloud servers. Our unique system ensures availability without depending on internet connectivity

Doctors Love CxSYS...

Intuitive & Simple Layout

Not suprising, doctors required minimal guidance to start using the clerking system. This is because CxSYS clinical layout simply follows the most basic history taking and examination methodology all doctors are trained in. Everything is done in a single page without the need to toggle between many windows.

  • Smart & elegant, yet power packed with features. Save costs as CxSYS has advanced accounting, human resource management & inventory modules built in
  • Lightweight & robust, able to manage clinics of any size, any type
  • Easily customizable features, able to provide various requirements of corporate clients/panels
  • Precise and organized tracking of bills submissions, invoices & payments
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  • Allow patients to register online
  • Notify Q Status Automatically
  • Pre Consultation Forms
CxSYS Integrations
Telemedicine Ready
CxSYS Video Call
  • Works in modern browsers
  • No download required
  • Mobile friendly

The Doctor's Business Partner

We have gone through the headaches associated with the day to day management of a GP clinic so you do not have to! CxSYS simplifies most of the business management aspects of the clinic. With our unique system of linking of multiple clinics that can be reached online, you can afford to have just one well trained staff to handle the administration works of multiple clinics.
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Access CxSYS From Anywhere

As long there is internet connectivity, CxSYS can be accessed from any device. If there is no internet connectivity, CxSYS can still be used within the clinic

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Everything A Clinic Needs & More

Packed with features to help you run the clinic efficiently

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No one has features like CxSYS

Without the hands on experience like we have, it is unlikely for others to build such an integrated system


CxSYS requires one computer (Windows not required) to act as the server. Any devices/computers (unlimited) connected to the server can access CxSYS without any additional installations. Internet connectivity is preferred.


The software, the doctor's business partner
CxSYS Premium
One Time Fee
  • All modules
  • On site training
  • CxSYS Access Anywhere
  • Comprehensive Medical Illustrations
  • Drugs Information Database
  • Various Medical Reports Templates
  • Various Radiology Reports Templates
Annual Fee
(2nd Year Onwards)
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Integrated accounts, inventory & HR/payroll modules
  • Continuous Updates
RM500 Free
  • Excluding hardware
Biometric Time Attendance
RM3500 upon installation
  • Fingerprint & Image Based Punch System
  • Integrated with schedules & payroll
CxSYS Lite For New Clinics
Prepaid Annually
  • For less than 30 patients/day
    (or sales less than RM1500/day)
  • Limited Remote Assistance
  • Cloud Based
  • Upgradeable to CxSYS Premium
Why The Low Cost?
  • Support on best effort basis
  • Self learning via help files
  • No multi clinic/branch support
  • No integration with devices (e.g. haematology, ultrasound, xray, patient monitor)
  • Not recommended for established clinics