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StarSoft Systems Sdn Bhd
Created by Dr Pasupathi in 2010, CxSYS has been specifically built to assist doctors and clinic administrators to efficiently manage clinics' operations. Along with practicing doctors that are actually managing clinics, the team is still involved and instrumental in the design and maintenance of every aspect of CxSYS as they themselves are using CxSYS to manage their network of clinics.

Combining the intricacies of multiple systems that could cost thousands each, the founders have craftily integrated the commonly required systems to provide a single solution to all clinics' needs. With long term collaboration between our in house ICT professionals and external ICT experts, we are on track to realise the next level of patient care and practice management solutions catered for Malaysian GPs. CxSYS is the first system in Malaysia to have incorporated HL7 & DICOM standards, not to mention the first system that enables proper clinic(s) operations without the need for external systems.

Managing our own clinics with CxSYS, this is perhaps the best assurance we can provide on the quality, reliability and efficiency of CxSYS as we strive to continuously maintain excellence together.